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Magnum Photo Award - Eskarleen Salgado

To Eskie for being the hardest working photographer, willing to experiment with different digital media and always keeping  up with assignments like a good professional Magnum photojournalist. I believe her continuous search for the interesting image will be a focus of her life. I hope that she continues to stalk that perfect photo and pursues that direction in college.

Da Vinci Award - Raul Escobar

To Raul for showing a wide variety of talents and ideas similar in spirit to the awards namesake Leonardo Da Vinci. Raul has shown exceptional skills with different media  and concepts, including  working with music and video. I hope that he pursues the arts in college.

Bauhaus Award - Bryan Lopez

To Bryan who has shown talent in the contemporary practices of photography, media manipulation and filmmaking. Like a  Bauhaus artist, Bryan has displayed exceptional talent in the several different art classes that he has mastered at AV. I hope that he continues to develop his art and media ideas and skills into his college career.



  • Bauhaus Photo Scholar
    • Alexander Garcia
  • Bauhaus Design Scholar
    • Leonardo Monroy


  • Bauhaus Media Scholars
    • Juan Hernandez
    • Chelsea Ramirez

























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