Visual Art A/B
Advisory: What Parents can do to help their kids

A site of experimental video, music and poetry. A very large archive with unique, one-of-a-kind artworks.

Beat Poet Page
Wild, inciteful, strange, intense, hypnotic...All these adjectives only scratch the surface of these interesting artists.


Blockbusters for Artists(and others)
Break your creative block. Try these exercises.

"An open, independent and not-for-profit site put together by a small group of educators - the encyclopaedia of informal education: thinkers, theories and themes. An intellectual search engine..."
  Manga Volume
"Manga Volume is a sophisticated website that grows as it's community is growing, our main objective is to provide you, the faithfull surfers free manga online that you can view anywhere you are..."
  The Arts and Civic Engagement
People who participate in the arts are people who help make communities thrive, according to a study released by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Globalization and the Art World
Globalization and technology are forcing artists, curators and museum directors to rethink the world of American art.

  YouTube vs. the Boob Tube
Until about five minutes ago, remember, almost all video-entertainment content was produced and distributed by Hollywood. Period. That time is over.
  Center for Media Literacy
Dedicated to promoting and supporting media literacy education as a framework for accessing, analyzing, evaluating and creating media content.
  ArtLab for Teenagers
Washington D.C.: TheHirshhorn Museum's ongoing art program for high school students. An experiment in contemporary sculpture.
  Princeton Summer Journalism Program
This is a 10-day all-expenses- paid summer journalism program held in Augustat Princeton University for students from under resourced financial backgrounds.

Donors Choose
A simple way for teachers to fund projects in their classrooms .

  3-D Math Shapes
Dozens of templates for making 3-d geometric objects. Do you want to make a star shape? This is the site.
  The Hunger Site
Every time you click on a link at this site, you donate money to the world' hungry.

The Most Wanted Paintings on the Web
Two artists took a survey of the most popular elements of a work of art. The results are recorded at this site. Check out each country's favorite color, subject, etc. Strange survey.


Internet Public Library/
This "library" has lnks to many sites and most is organized by subject.

  Acme Animation/
Online tutorials and animation gallery for any skill level. If you know Flash or would like to learn it, this is the showcase for your work.
  The History of Photomontage/
Great examples of 19th and 20th century photomontage.
  SAT Preparation at AP Central
The first step in preparing for this important test. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors should access this site regularly.
con(Temporary) art from around the world. Street art, graffiti, stencils, and more!!

  Free Translation Online
Very effective for translating documents in a pinch

Merchants of Cool
PBS website
A report on the creators & marketers of popular culture to teenagers.

Making Digits Dance
Prepared for City of Los Angeles Private Industry Council
Report on Visual Effects and Animation Careers in the Entertainment Industry

21st Century Skills
A unique alliance of education, business and government leaders working to fully address the education needs and challenges of work and life in the 21st century

Arts & Letters Daily
A website about culture, music, art, news, philosophy, trends, etc.

Visual Thesaurus
Visual representation of synonyms as well as a unique and helpful website for learning vocabulary.

High Score Education
Is computer/video games better at teaching than our schools? Read James Gee's article, then you decide.

MLA Style Standards
The Purdue University's attempt to help students cite information correctly for their research papers and essays.

Spelling Test
The 50 most commonly misspelled words. Take the Test !!

The Animation Journal
Founded in 1991, Animation Journal is the only peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to animation history and theory.
Making the Parts a Whole
by Ellen Wixted, Adobe Magazine
How the principles of compostition can form-or transform-your design.
Ad Dissection 101: Exposing Media Manipulation
In this website, students analyze advertising then create their own ads.
How I Gamed The SAT
by Karen Klein
"In my stint as a scorer, I had learned the rules: Read quickly, read once, don't stop to analyze, but assign a score from 1 (bottom) to 6 (top) based on my overall impression..."


The mission of Ánimo Venice Charter High School is to prepare students for college, leadership, and life through innovative instruction, a rigorous curriculum, and the use of technology. At Ánimo Venice, we are committed to the education, and social and economic success of students who historically are unlikely to attend and excel at an institution of higher learning. We aim to achieve our mission by creating a student-centered environment that unifies the efforts of family, community, and school to foster life-long learning, cross-cultural competency, social responsibility, and academic excellence.
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