PHOTO-Synthesis | AV's Advanced Photo Klub
The Photo Klub will become a launching point for those seriously interested in improving their photography skills and building a professional quality portfolio. Those students interested in working with photography in a serious and professional manner, will be able to join an elite group of committed photo students, working directly towards creating an advanced portfolio in digital photography.

Photographers will be able to produce a quality portfolio over the year from personal assignments, projects from the instructor, commercial school work. All photographers will develop over time work that will prepare them for AP and advanced digital art courses.
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Photo Beast I
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Photo Beast III
AP 2-D Photo

Thursday Meetings

  • Club Essential Question: What makes a good photo?
    • Three Cs: Craft (in focus, depth of field), Composition (Rule of Thirds / Balance), Concept (what idea is promoted? genre? conflict?)
  • Instructor's Example Photography: Focused Blur
  • Instructors' Blog:


Roots and Shoots Photo-Synthesis Project

Mr. Kannofsky

AP 2-D: Three C's: Concept, Composition, Craftsmanship

CLUB Goals:

  • To build a portfolio of quality photography from formal assignments
  • To create interesting photos for the school's yearbook
  • To take photos for the school's newspaper
  • To build and document gardens throughout the school

Throughout the year, some photographers may work on an "assignment" for school events, supporting the school's yearbook content by taking photo portraits, prom fashion shows, "Best of" tableauxs and other necessary projects, as part of the professional requirements, working along with your teacher and an experienced professional photographer.


--PHO ASSIGNMENTS - 6 Week Cycles

Assignment 1:

  • Define "aesthete" through your photos. Take 10 or more photos. Post on Tumblr.
  • Find one photographer that you like. Write 2 or 3 sentences about this one photographer. Use Wikipedia "photographer" to see some examples. Use
  • "Dream / Nightmare": Take two photos, one a "dream" and the other a "nightmare".

Assignment 2:

  • Find one photographer from
  • Inspired by your chosen Magnum photographer, take 10 photos.
  • No cropping of your images
  • Load onto Tumblr

Assignment 3:

  • Think diagonals when you shoot
  • Take 10 photos that use diagonals in your photographic composition
  • Discuss denotation and connotation in image analysis
  • If you need additional inspiration, look at Henri Cartier-Bresson

Assignment 4:

  • Cyanotype work using natural and man-made materials to create a work of photo chemistry.
  • Photography of cyanotype materials

Assignment 5:

  • Describing Photographs document
  • Photo Presentation here
  • Take 10 photos using figure-ground relationships and your style / interpretation
  • Add text using "denote" and "connote" to some of your images

Assignment 6:

Assignment 7:
  • Take 5 "selfies" then digitally manipulate them to give 5 different sides of your personality; write a sentence in the voice of each of the "characters" you've created.
    • Due:

I. DIGITAL Photography I


Students will use the list below as exercises in their photographic practice.
Photo Filter Apps for the IPhone: Fotor

II. Advanced DIGITAL Photography II


    1. Focus on repetition of shape or form in the photo (motif, rhythm, movement)
    2. Extreme close up of an object to detail texture (emphasis, balance)
    3. Objects from an unusual angle (distortion)
    4. Choose a simplified angle or section of an object or scene to create an abstract work
    5. Still life of a group of objects using a strong light source (lamp, window, flashlight)
    6. Stilll life that tells a story
    7. Still life of an uncommon group of objects that follow one of the principles of art (harmony, unity, symmetry, rhythm etc.)
    8. A still life of reflective surfaces (variety)
    9. Still life showing unusual scale and or proportion
    10. Portrait using dramatic lighting
    11. Portrait using mixed media to tell a story or send a message about that person
    12. Full body portrait in a setting with an unusual perspective
    13. Full body self-portrait or of another person

III. ADvanced DIGITAL Photography III


    1. A highly emotional experience
    2. Family or cultural experience
    3. Political/ social statement
    4. Person, animal, thing that was in motion but frozen in time and space
    5. Extraordinary nature close-up or distant (plant, animal, tree, flowers or combination)
    6. Mixed media landscape (outdoors or indoors) using unusual combination of objects
    7. Mixed media (optional) of your own version of one of the seven deadly sins
    8. Mixed media to create an image focusing on radial balance, symmetry, rhythm etc.
    9. Mixed media of a social or political statement
    10. Mixed media of an old master’s art work into a contemporary form or setting
    11. Mixed media to create surrealism (something from your dreams or an unusual experience)