Visual Art Gallery
Updated 02.02.2013

Painting: Geometric / Organic Mandalas

Students created symmetrical work using mathematical principles and free form organic shapes. Student were asked to design their own flower shape/pattern using a variety of tools and mathematical skills.

Alejandra S.

Belen S.

Christian S.

Diana S.

Erika M.

Farren J.

Hilda L.

Julie C.

Jose R.

Michelle D.

Rafael L.

Saul P.

Sculpture: Painted Clay Busts

Prior to the beginning of the project, the class discussed issues of symmetry and proportion, heirarchy and scale. The students did exercises in facial feature proportion. From these drawings, students did initial drawings of their figure. And after they completed the sculpture, each student did a rendering of their work, adding a body with costume. Students reflected on their work and wrote how they might improve it. Students were also given an opportunity to rework the project.

1.4 Analyze and describe how the composition of a work of art is affected by the use of a particular principle of design.
2.4 Review and refine observational drawing skills.

4.4 Articulate the process and rationale for refining and reworking one of their own works of art.

Sandra M.

Evelyn F.

Kimi R.

Liza L.

Mayra R.

Ofelia R.

Elizabeth M.

Alex M.

Alice B.

Elisia C.

Francisco P.

Nayeli B.

Elvis A.

Shaina VP.

Devanee C.

Painting: Large Hinged Wall Figures

Students worked on several skills that addressed the figure, its proportion, and gesture. This 6 week project started out with developing drawing skills, working with line and form, then moving on to understanding proportion, modeling, 2 tone color schemes, and how to translate smaller sketches and models into larger, life size figures.

2.4 Review and refine observational drawing skills.
2.5 Create an expressive composition, focusing on dominance and subordination.

Alessandra C.

Mayra R.

Carolin C.

Elvis A.

Jacob S.

Alex G.

Kimi R.

Sandra M.

Steven G.

Ky K.

Tiffany A.

Drawing: "ART" & "ARTE" Graffiti Signs

Oscar C.

Victor H.

Christian S.

Relief Sculpture: Mask-Making

Students were asked to create a mask that uses several of the elements of art and addresses two or more of the priniciples of design.

They began this project by reviewing the elements of art and discussing how to represent the principles of design in a work of art. Student viewed examples of masks then discussed the role of the mask in different societies including our own. Students were asked to write about their own personality and create characters from their own imagination. Some chose an imaginative self portrait, others an alter ego.

2.1 Solve a visual arts problem that involves the effective use of the elements of art and the principles of design.

Jose DC
Best Overall Mask

Alessandra C.
Honorable Mention

Connie P.
Honorable Mention

Caroline C.
Honorable Mention

Ian N.
Best 3-D Design

Shaina VP
Honorable Mention

Mayra R.
Honorable Mention

Kaya M.
Best Half Mask

Zoee S.
Honorable Mention

Robyn R.
Honorable Mention

Anahi G.
Best Painting on a Mask

Jonathan R.
Honorable Mention

Sandra M.
Most Creative Mask

Montana T.
Honorable Mention

Yoaxi T.
Best All Cardboard Mask

Elisia C.
Honorable Mention


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